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Frequently Asked Questions

Do health maintenance activities require an RN assessment?

​An RN must assess the resident, the predictability of the resident's condition, and other elements as applicable and determine and document that the task qualifies as an HMA. 

Where can I find information on tasks that can be delegated?


Texas Administrative Code RULE §225.10 

What training must all caregivers receive?

All staff members must complete four hours of orientation before assuming any job responsibilities. Training must cover, at a minimum, the following topics:

  1. reporting of abuse and neglect

  2. confidentiality of resident information

  3. Universal precautions

  4. conditions about which they should notify the facility manager

  5. residents' rights, and 

  6. emergency and evacuation procedures.

Attendants must complete 16 hours of on-the-job supervision and training within the first 16 hours of employment following orientation. Training must include: 

  1. aiding with the activities of daily living

  2. resident's health conditions and how they may affect the provision of tasks

  3. safety measures to prevent accidents and injuries

  4. emergency first aid procedures, such as the Heimlich maneuver and actions to take when a resident falls, suffers a laceration or experiences a sudden change in physical or mental status

  5. managing disruptive behavior

  6. behavior management, for example, prevention of aggressive behavior and de-escalation techniques, practices to decrease the frequency of the use of restraint, and alternatives to restraints, and 

  7. fall prevention.

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